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Specialist Works

Our Specialist Works division has built up a strong client-base in both the public and private sectors who rely on our extensive technical expertise to find solutions to the most demanding of building problems.

We can also advise on flood damage resilience work to minimise the damage done by any future flooding should your property be in a flood risk area.

Structural Waterproofing

Water ingress/egress through underground or water-retaining structures can be a complex and insidious problem and should only be tackled by a contractor with an in-depth understanding of the defects that cause these problems and the techniques required to cure them.

We have the capability to provide effective solutions to these problems and have consistently delivered impressive results in basements, swimming pools, tunnels, lift pits, storage tanks, bund walls, water towers and reservoirs.

Concrete Repair and Coating

Over our long history in structural repairs, we have seen an ever-increasing occurrence of defects in concrete structures, normally due to carbonation and chloride attack causing corrosion of the embedded reinforcement. This deterioration must be dealt with promptly and professionally as the stability and safety of the structure is often at stake.

Our surveyors are experienced in carrying out comprehensive diagnostic surveys to determine the causes of any deterioration. They will then prescribe the most appropriate and economical repair technique and our skilled technicians will undertake these repairs and any subsequent protective coatings to the highest standard.

Over the years, we have given a new lease of life to many concrete-framed buildings, industrial structures, water towers, roadways and floor slabs.

Masonry Repairs

Cracked, damaged and unstable brickwork and masonry can be safely and efficiently repaired by our Structural Repair team using a variety of techniques.

Our directly-employed bricklayers and masons can undertake lintel replacement, masonry stabilisation and architectural restoration using traditional methods whilst our repair technicians can strengthen weakened structures using reinforcement, anchors, resin injection and cementitious grouting.

Timber Repairs

When the structural strength of timber has been compromised by insect attack, fungal decay or mechanical damage, our team of skilled carpenters and joiners can carefully replace sections using traditional methods.

Where this is not practical, our technicians can strengthen the timbers – in situ and often invisibly – using flitch plates, glass-fibre strengthening rods and epoxy resin. We have undertaken successful repairs on many historic timber-framed buildings using a combination of these repair methods.


Building subsidence can be caused by dehydration/rehydration or disturbance of the bearing soil, leaking supply pipes/drains or just because the foundations are inadequate.

We provide effective and economic solutions to subsidence problems using both traditional and innovative methods, many of which can be undertaken whilst the property is occupied.

Fire / Flood Remediation

We are trusted by insurance professionals and the unfortunate victims of fire and flood damage to promptly, expertly and sympathetically restore damaged properties. After the 2007 floods in Gloucestershire, we were entrusted with the remediation of over 100 homes.

We can also advise on flood damage resilience work to minimise the damage done by any future flooding should your property be in a flood risk area.

“Our companies have had a long and successful working relationship together. We always find Building Solutions to be professional, keen to meet client expectations and knowledgeable in what they do. We would not hesitate to recommend their services to clients or other professionals.”

Paul Preston

Rowntree Partnership Consulting Structural Engineers

Specialist Works Case Studies